Wednesday, February 26

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    Wednesday, February 26

    Keep on the watch.— Matt. 24:42.

    As these critical times worsen, all of us need to keep on the watch. When Jehovah acts, it will be at the right time. (Matt. 24:42-44) Meanwhile, exercise patience, being ever watchful. Read God’s Word each day, and be vigilant with a view to prayers. (1 Pet. 4:7)

    Take note of sterling examples of brothers and sisters whose lives reflect their joy in keeping on the watch as well as letting their light shine. Fill your life with upbuilding activity and association. That will bring you great joy, and it will seem to you that time is passing quickly. (Eph. 5:16)

    It is faith-strengthening to know that our imperfection does not stop us from serving Jehovah acceptably. Consequently, appreciate Jehovah’s provision of “gifts in men,” congregation elders. (Eph. 4:8, 11, 12) The next time an elder visits you, take advantage of the opportunity to draw on his wisdom and benefit from his advice.

    w18.06 24-25 ¶15-18

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