Wednesday, February 19

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    Wednesday, February 19

    Keep in expectation of it!
    For it will without fail come true.

    Hab. 2:3.

    Jehovah assured Habakkuk that he would receive answers to his sincere questions. Relief for all his worries would come before too long. God, in effect, told the prophet: “Be patient, trust in me. My answer will come despite the apparent delay!” Jehovah reminded him that He had an appointed time for fulfilling His promises.

    He counseled Habakkuk to wait for the accomplishment of His purposes. Ultimately, the prophet would not be disappointed. Patiently waiting on Jehovah and paying close attention to what he tells us will give us confidence and will help us to acquire a calm heart despite adversities and hardships. Jesus confirmed that we can trust in Jehovah as the Great Timekeeper, not focusing on “times or seasons” that God has not yet revealed.

    (Acts 1:7)

    Therefore, may we not give up but wait in humility, faith, and patience, making good use of the time we have to serve Jehovah to the best of our abilities.—Mark 13:35-37; Gal. 6:9.

    w18.11 16 ¶13-14

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