Tuesday, February 11

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    Tuesday, February 11

    I will exult in Jehovah.

    Hab. 3:18.

    Some scholars think that this verse literally means “I will jump for joy in the Lord; I will spin round for delight in God.” What a powerful assurance for all of us! Not only has Jehovah given us wonderful promises but he has assured us that he is swiftly working out his great purpose. No doubt, the vital message of Habakkuk is to trust in Jehovah. (Hab. 2:4)

    We can acquire and maintain such trust if we strengthen our relationship with Jehovah by (1) persevering in prayer, telling Jehovah all about our anxieties and concerns; (2) paying careful attention to Jehovah’s Word and any direction we receive through his organization; and (3) faithfully and patiently waiting on Jehovah. That is what Habakkuk did.

    Though he began his book with grief, he ended with a confident and joyful exclamation. May we follow this inspiring example so that we too can feel Jehovah’s fatherly embrace! What greater comfort could we find in this darkening world?

    w18.11 3:18-19

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