Thursday, October 10

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    Thursday, October 10

    I know [my brother] will rise in the resurrection on the last day.

    John 11:24.

    As did Martha, Jehovah’s loyal servants knew that a future time of resurrection was in store. Think of what God told Abraham to do with Isaac, the long-awaited heir. Jehovah said: “Take, please, your son, your only son whom you so love, Isaac, and . . . offer him up . . . as a burnt offering.” (Gen. 22:2)

    Imagine the feelings that such a command would stir up. Jehovah had promised that through Abraham’s offspring all nations would be blessed. (Gen. 13:14-16; 18:18; Rom. 4:17, 18) Also, Jehovah said that the blessing would come “through Isaac.” (Gen. 21:12)

    But how could that occur if Abraham put Isaac to death as a sacrifice? Paul was inspired to explain that Abraham believed that God was able to raise Isaac from the dead.

    (Heb. 11:17-19)

    Abraham could not know when his son would be raised to life again. But he trusted that Jehovah would resurrect Isaac.

    w17.12 5-6 ¶12-14

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