Thursday, February 27

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    Thursday, February 27

    If you observe my commandments,
    you will remain in my love.—John 15:10.

    Jesus told his disciples not only to be in his love but to “remain in [his] love.” Why? Because living as a true disciple of Christ year after year calls for endurance. Jesus stressed the need for endurance by using forms of the word “remain” over and over in the brief passage recorded at John 15:4-10. How do we show that we want to remain in Christ’s love and keep his approval? By observing Jesus’ commandments.

    Simply put, Jesus tells us, ‘Be obedient to me.’ Yet, Jesus only asked us to do what he himself did, for he added: “Just as I have observed the commandments of the Father and remain in his love.” Jesus sets the example. (John 13:15)

    By carrying out Jesus’ command to go and preach, we too show our love for God because Jesus’ commandments reflect his Father’s thinking. (Matt. 17:5; John 8:28) In response to our expression of love, Jehovah and Jesus keep us in their love.

    w18.05 18 ¶5-7

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