Sunday, February 23

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    Sunday, February 23

    Let your light shine before men, so that they may
    . . . give glory to your Father.

    Matt. 5:16.

    How thrilling it is to hear of increases that Jehovah’s people are experiencing! In 2017 we regularly conducted over 10,000,000 Bible studies. This certainly indicates that God’s servants are letting their light shine! And think of the millions of interested ones whom we welcomed at the Memorial.

    They could thus learn of the love that God expressed when he provided the ransom. (1 John 4:9) Worldwide, Jehovah’s people speak many different languages. However, this does not prevent us from offering united praise to our Father, Jehovah. (Rev. 7:9)

    No matter what our mother tongue is or where we live, we can shine “as illuminators in the world.” (Phil. 2:15) The increase we observe, the unity we enjoy, and the watchful attitude that we strive to maintain all contribute to our bringing glory to Jehovah.

    w18.06 21 ¶1-3

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