Sunday, August 2

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    Sunday, August 2

    When the Lord caught sight of her, he was moved with pity.

    Luke 7:13.

    Jesus himself experienced some of the challenges people faced. For example, Jesus apparently grew up in a poor family. From working with his adoptive father, Joseph, Jesus learned how to do hard physical work.

    (Matt. 13:55; Mark 6:3)

    It seems that Joseph died sometime before the end of Jesus’ ministry. So Jesus likely felt the pain of losing a loved one in death. And Jesus knew what it was like to be in a family with differing religious views. (John 7:5) Those circumstances and others would have helped Jesus to understand the challenges and feelings of ordinary people. Jesus’ concern was especially evident when he performed miracles.

    Jesus did not perform miracles out of a mere sense of duty. He was “moved with pity” for those who were suffering. (Matt. 20:29-34; Mark 1:40-42) Jesus sympathized with people and wanted to help them.—Mark 7:32-35; Luke 7:12-15.

    w19.03 16 ¶10-11

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