Saturday, August 1

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    Saturday, August 1

    God recommends his own love to us in that,
    while we were yet sinners,

    Christ died for us.

    Rom. 5:8.

    At meetings we are regularly reminded of what Jehovah and Jesus have done for us. Filled with gratitude, we try to imitate Jesus by how we live each day. (2 Cor. 5:14, 15)

    In addition, our heart stirs us to praise Jehovah for providing the ransom. One way we can praise him is by making heartfelt comments at our meetings. We can show the depth of our love for Jehovah and his Son by being willing to make sacrifices for them. Often, we must make sacrifices of various kinds to attend our meetings.

    Many congregations hold one meeting at the end of a workday when we are most likely tired. And another meeting is held on the weekend when other people are resting. Does Jehovah notice that we attend our meetings even though we are tired? Certainly he does! In fact, the greater our struggle, the more Jehovah appreciates the love we show for him.—Mark 12:41-44.

    w19.01 29 ¶12-13

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