Monday, February 29

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    Monday, February 29

    If you will strictly obey my voice and keep my covenant,
    you will certainly become my special property out of all peoples,

    . . . a holy nation.Ex. 19:5, 6.

    Jehovah made a covenant with the Israelites at Mount Sinai and gave them that historic promise. While in Egypt, before they were reduced to slavery, the Hebrews were organized as a tribal society, administrated by family heads, or patriarchs. These family heads, like the servants of Jehovah who lived before them, acted as rulers, judges, and priests to their households. (Gen. 8:20; 18:19; Job 1:4, 5)

    Through Moses, however, Jehovah gave the Israelites a law code that would distinguish them from all other nations. (Deut. 4:5-8; Ps. 147:19, 20)

    The Law established a separate priesthood, and justice was administered by “the elders,” who were respected for their knowledge and wisdom. (Deut. 25:7, 8) The Law codified the religious and social activities of the newborn nation. w14 11/15 4:8, 9

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