Monday, August 3

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    Monday, August 3

    Continue putting up with one another.

    Col. 3:13.

    It was the final night of Jesus’ earthly life. Imagine the stress Jesus felt. Would he remain perfectly faithful until death? The lives of billions of people hung in the balance.

    (Rom. 5:18, 19)

    Even more important, his Father’s reputation was involved. (Job 2:4) Then, during his last meal with his closest friends, the apostles, their conversation degenerated into “a heated dispute” over “which one of them was considered to be the greatest.” Remarkably, Jesus did not become irritated. Instead, he responded with mildness. Kindly, but firmly, Jesus explained—again—the attitude they should have. And he then commended his friends for loyally sticking with him.

    (Luke 22:24-28; John 13:1-5, 12-15)

    We can imitate Jesus and remain mild-tempered even when we are under stress if we remember that we all say and do things that irritate others. (Prov. 12:18; Jas. 3:2, 5) And try to mention the good that you see in others.—Eph. 4:29.

    w19.02 11-12 ¶16-17

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