Friday, February 14

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    Friday, February 14

    I have calmed and quieted my soul.

    Ps. 131:2.

    When our life takes an unexpected turn, the changes that we have to face may cause us apprehension and emotional stress. (Prov. 12:25) We may even find it hard to accept those changes. In such circumstances, how can we ‘calm and quiet’ our soul? (Ps. 131:1-3)

    Despite adverse circumstances, we today can experience firsthand the soothing effect of “the peace of God” that guards our mental powers. (Phil. 4:6, 7) Thus, if we turn to Jehovah when we feel overwhelmed by anxiety, God’s peace can strengthen our determination to reach spiritual goals and guard us against any tendency to give up.

    In addition to calming us down, God’s spirit can draw our attention to key scriptures that will help us to keep our spiritual priorities.—John 14:26, 27.

    w18.10 4:2, 5, 8

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