An Intro into the New World Order/UN/8th King/King of the North/Wild Beast

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    Before I begin, I just want to say, I didn't believe any of this until I researched it out of curiosity.

    The 8th King (King of the North, Wild Beast) will be a New World Order that is executed through the United Nations. When this is implemented, a new global currency will replace the current Foreign Exchange, probably BitCoin. This is predicted in Revelation when it says, unless you worship the wild beast, you will not be able to buy or sell.

    Don't Believe me? Here is proof. I thought Robert King was crazy until I saw the video footage myself.

    The President of the United States himself was trying to implement the NWO, this is no conspiracy.

    Now, obviously this is a doing of Satan, so it is written. But why do I place emphasize on Satan? Because, these people, who are trying to implement the NWO, they are affiliated with the Occult, it is their religion, Satanism. They have used the occult to climb to the top of their industries, so they are either worshipping the Devil, or the Devil is controlling them indirectly in the same method that the Prince of Persia used, unbeknownst to the leadership of each government, they have all been influenced by Satan.

    This is where the Rabbit Hole begins:

    The religion of these Globalists is Satanism, the Gov is under Satanic influence, directly and indirectly. The pedophilia is part of the religion.

    Connect the dots.
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    Hi Hizazel,

    You know, I've never been too much into conspiracy theories and I'm often saddened to notice that many of my beloved friends and brothers and sisters fall into their snares. Unfortunately, many display the same intellectual laziness when dealing with such fables as with the spiritual material they aim to build their faith. No wonder therefore that they are drawn to put faith into simplistic sophisms or to hang on every word uttered by the last who spoke.

    Personally, I think that you should keep being cautious, wary and even distrustful regarding such fables. :)

    Furthermore, it'll impede people from earning so much dishonest money by spreading those lies on Youtube...
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    Is pizza gate a conspiracy? It does not seem like it to me, for one, these emails came directly from WikiLeaks, which has yet to publish any fake information, the code words and symbols have been verified by the FBI. I am not trying to start a debate, but of course the MSM would denounce something like this as conspiracy. This is attacking the characters of those which they defended so heavily against Donald Trump. CNN has in fact itself published fake news in the last six months, it is known pizzagate cannot be covered on the news due to the law suits that were sent out by the person who's character is being defamed, and with no solid evidence, the new networks must comply.

    I am not trying to inform the reader about Pizzagate, but merely the connection with the occult that I wish to inform others about. IF you do your research, you will find the loads of news reports in the last decades relating to CIA/FBI and government officials running child trafficking rings from DC to California to Europe. And almost all of them have connection to the occult, why is the occult so important in this matter? Because they have been linked to these individuals in the first video posted, they are literally trying to establish a global government and for some reason every time this is mentioned, some form of proof from audio to a witness is declaring that these Satanists are trying to establish a New World Order. This is no conspiracy when former Vice Presidents and Presidents are making speeches about the very thing I am trying to inform people of. Whether pizzagate is fake or not, it doesn't matter, the fact that they have been linked to the same witch which has been seen with Hillary Clinton and the other globalists is really what is most disturbing.

    I already Spoke with Joshua before you commented and told him if he deemed it unworthy, then he should remove it.

    The pedophilia is just part of the occult religion which these agents of Satan practice. It is just disturbing to learn that the world LITERALLY lies in the hands of the Wicked One, and he is controlling the government with spiritism, not just indirect persuasion. See Prince of Persia and Satan possessing Judas Iscariot.

    But I really shouldn't be surprised by it, I once reasoned if I was worldly, atheist, immoral, etc. I would use every possible advantage to climb to the top. But I am the complete opposite.
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